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Payment State

Different states in the payment process.

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Payment Order State

The state field on the authorization does not indicate whether a given transaction was successful or not, it only tells whether the authorization resource itself is operational or not. To figure out the state of i.e. authorization transactions, you have two options:

You can perform a GET request on the authorization. As long as the authorization has been completed, successful or not, you will find the Paid or Failed operation among the operations in the response.

Please note that a authorization where a Failed attempt has been made, but the payer still has attempts left to complete the authorization, you won’t see the Failed operation. It will only appear when all attempts have been made.

Authorization Or Sale Transactions

Find the authorization’s list of transactions either by expanding it when retrieving the authorization, or by performing a GET request towards the URL.

If you find a transaction with type equal to authorization, with its state equal to Completed, you can be sure that the amount of the authorization has been reserved or withdrawn and that the authorization can be considered successful.