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Display Payment UI

How to display the checkout payment UI.

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Display Payment UI

There are a couple of decisions to be made when you are presenting your payment UI. You have the choice between a payment menu with all the payment methods you want to offer, or with a single available payment method using instrument mode.

Regardless of the number of payment methods available to the payer, you also need to choose between Redirect and Seamless View.

With Redirect, the payer is sent to a Swedbank Pay page where we handle the purchase process. The payer is redirected back to you when the purchase is completed or if the payer aborts the purchase. The page will be styled by Swedbank Pay.

With Seamless View, the payer stays at your site and you initiate the Swedbank Pay purchase module in an iframe. The purchase component will be styled by Swedbank Pay.

Read about how you integrate them by following the links.