Payment Menu v2

Corporate Limited Menu

Limit the menu to what is supported by corporate payment methods.

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Corporate Limited Menu

Corporate Limited Menu allows you to limit the payment methods available when your customers pays through the menu. Please note that the method in question needs to support corporate payment methods and have the feature enabled during the contract setup to be shown in the menu.

If you don’t invoke the restriction in your payment order request, every valid payment method will show up as usual in the payment menu. This is done by setting corporateMode to true. In this example the method is set to card.


POST /psp/paymentorders HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer <AccessToken>
Content-Type: application/json;version=3.x/2.0      // Version optional for 3.0 and 2.0
    "paymentorder": {
        "corporateMode": "true",
        "instrument": "CreditCard",
        "operation": "Purchase",
        "currency": "SEK",
        "amount": 1500,
        "vatAmount": 375,
        "description": "Test Purchase",
        "userAgent": "Mozilla/5.0...",
        "language": "sv-SE",
        "urls": {
            "hostUrls": [ "", "" ],
            "completeUrl": "",
            "callbackUrl": "",
            "termsOfServiceUrl": "",
            "logoUrl": ""
        "payeeInfo": {
            "payeeId": "5cabf558-5283-482f-b252-4d58e06f6f3b",
            "payeeReference": "AB832"
Required Field Type Description
check paymentOrder object The payment order object.
check corporateMode bool Determines if the menu should only show methods that supports corporate payment methods and has been enabled in your contracts.
check instrument string The payment methods you want to restrict to in corporate mode. Selected by using 3-D Secure 2 .
check operation string Determines the initial operation, defining the type of payment order created.
check currency string The currency of the payment.
check amount integer The transaction amount (including VAT, if any) entered in the lowest monetary unit of the selected currency. E.g.: 10000 = 100.00 SEK, 5000 = 50.00 SEK.
check vatAmount integer The payment’s VAT (Value Added Tax) amount, entered in the lowest monetary unit of the selected currency. E.g.: 10000 = 100.00 SEK, 5000 = 50.00 SEK. The vatAmount entered will not affect the amount shown on the payment page, which only shows the total amount. This field is used to specify how much of the total amount the VAT will be. Set to 0 (zero) if there is no VAT amount charged.
check description string The description of the payment order.
check userAgent string The user agent of the payer. Should typically be set to the value of the User-Agent header sent by the payer’s web browser.
check language string The language of the payer.
check urls object The urls object, containing the URLs relevant for the payment order.
check hostUrls array The array of URLs valid for embedding of Swedbank Pay Seamless Views.
check completeUrl string The URL that Swedbank Pay will redirect back to when the payer has completed their interactions with the payment. This does not indicate a successful payment, only that it has reached a final (complete) state. A GET request needs to be performed on the payment order to inspect it further. See completeUrl for details.
check callbackUrl string The URL that Swedbank Pay will perform an HTTP POST against every time a transaction is created on the payment order. See callback for details.
check termsOfServiceUrl string The URL to the terms of service document which the payer must accept in order to complete the payment. HTTPS is a requirement.
check logoUrl string With permission and activation on your contract, sending in a logoUrl will replace the Swedbank Pay logo with the logo sent in. If you do not send in a logoUrl, then no logo and no text is shown. Without permission or activation on your contract, sending in a logoUrl has no effect. The logo must be a picture with maximum 50px height and 400px width. Requires HTTPS. Read more about this in Custom Logo .
check payeeInfo object The payeeInfo object, containing information about the payee (the recipient of the money). See payeeInfo for details.
check payeeId string The ID of the payee, usually the merchant ID.
check payeeReference string A unique reference from the merchant system. Set per operation to ensure an exactly-once delivery of a transactional operation. Length and content validation depends on whether the transaction.number or the payeeReference is sent to the acquirer. If Swedbank Pay handles the settlement, the transaction.number is sent and the payeeReference must be in the format of A-Za-z0-9 and string(30). If you handle the settlement, Swedbank Pay will send the payeeReference and it will be limited to the format of string(12). All characters must be digits. In Invoice Payments payeeReference is used as an invoice/receipt number, if the receiptReference is not defined.