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Order Items

The orderItems field of the paymentOrder is an array containing information about the items being purchased. It is mandatory for v3.0 and older implementations, but voluntary for payment order v3.1, so feel free to remove it from your requests if you want. If you offer invoice as a payment option, the field is still recommended as it are used for the product details on the customer’s invoice. If they are not present, orderItems will be generated by using the description and amount fields from the paymentOrder.

Request Excerpt

"orderItems": [
                "reference": "P1",
                "name": "Product1",
                "type": "PRODUCT",
                "class": "ProductGroup1",
                "itemUrl": "",
                "imageUrl": "",
                "description": "Product 1 description",
                "discountDescription": "Volume discount",
                "quantity": 5,
                "quantityUnit": "pcs",
                "unitPrice": 300,
                "discountPrice": 0,
                "vatPercent": 2500,
                "amount": 1500,
                "vatAmount": 375
Required Field Type Description
check orderItems array The array of items being purchased with the order. Note that authorization orderItems will not be printed on invoices, so lines meant for print must be added in the Capture request. The authorization orderItems will, however, be used in the Merchant Portal when captures or reversals are performed, and might be shown other places later. It is required to use this field to be able to send Capture orderItems. Capture requests should only contain items meant to be captured from the order.
check reference string A reference that identifies the order item.
check name string The name of the order item.
check type enum PRODUCT, SERVICE, SHIPPING_FEE, DISCOUNT, VALUE_CODE, or OTHER. The type of the order item.
check class string The classification of the order item. Can be used for assigning the order item to a specific product category, such as MobilePhone. Note that class cannot contain spaces and must follow the regex pattern [\w-]*. Swedbank Pay may use this field for statistics.
  itemUrl string The URL to a page that can display the purchased item, such as a product page
  imageUrl string The URL to an image of the order item.
  description string The human readable description of the order item.
  discountDescription string The human readable description of the possible discount.
check quantity number The 4 decimal precision quantity of order items being purchased.
check quantityUnit string The unit of the quantity, such as pcs, grams, or similar.
check unitPrice integer The price per unit of order item, including VAT.
  discountPrice integer If the order item is purchased at a discounted price. This field should contain that price, including VAT.
check vatPercent integer The percent value of the VAT multiplied by 100, so 25% becomes 2500.
check amount integer The transaction amount (including VAT, if any) entered in the lowest monetary unit of the selected currency. E.g.: 10000 = 100.00 SEK, 5000 = 50.00 SEK.
check vatAmount integer The payment’s VAT (Value Added Tax) amount, entered in the lowest monetary unit of the selected currency. E.g.: 10000 = 100.00 SEK, 5000 = 50.00 SEK. The vatAmount entered will not affect the amount shown on the payment page, which only shows the total amount. This field is used to specify how much of the total amount the VAT will be. Set to 0 (zero) if there is no VAT amount charged.