Basic Information

Things to know before you start

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The SwpTrmLib only contains one implementation for using a PAX terminal from Swedbank Pay at the moment, but makes it possible to vary the style of use by configuration. There are two major styles that is decided by the SalesCapabilities string sent in a LoginRequest which happens on call to Open/OpenAsync:

The intended default style requires the consumer of the SwpTrmLib to act as both a server and a client. The server handles requests from the terminal, such as display information, events, and possible input request from the terminal, such as a request to confirm that a receipt has been signed if needed.

The second style is to act as a client only and then loose information from terminal such as events informing that a card has been inserted or removed or display information helping the operator to see what is going on. Transaction that need customer signing the receipt are under the hood done a bit differently, but have the exact same behavior as when using the default integration style.

Synchronous methods

Most available methods have an asynchronous and a synchronous version. Note that the synchronous versions internally renders a call to the asynchronous version. All results genereated due to synchronous calls are received in one callback method, SyncRequestResult, which parameter is the same result as described for the asynchronous version.


Warning: Do not wrap the synchronous calls in async await since the methods themselves call async methods.