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Version numbers: The version numbers used in headers on this page refers to the version of this very documentation, not to a version of any APIs described by it.

21 March 2024

Version 5.0.0

  • Updated command for avoiding privilege elevation.
  • Use case for easier configuration of terminal and POS system.
  • Update of TransactionSetup and property AcquirerData.
.Net SDK 1.3.24066
  • New package ID. SwedbankPay.Pax.Sdk. Still the same namespaces and dll name.
  • Fix for display messages from fuel app that lacks text id.
  • Added support for AdminRequest with service identification OM02, OM03 and OM04, regarding the Store-And-Forward
  • Fixed bug for PrintRequest with DocumentQualifier other other than CashierReceipt or CustomerReceipt.
  • Possibility for Net Framework 4.0. Now supports Netstandard2.0, net framework 4.5 and 4.0.
26 February 2024

Version 4.8.0

  • PaymentRequestResult now populates ProductName and PAN even if PaymentInstrumentData is missing.
  • Possibility to use OpenEx or OpenExAsync to set OperatorID and ShiftNumber that will be forwarded and seen in reports.
  • Possibility to attach purchase order Id by setting in in TransactionSetup when starting a payment.
  • Setting up the logfile will only be made once even if new instances is created. Filter is removed when calling Stop.
  • Calling Stop will stop and remove the listener
  • SplitPayment may be indicated in TranactionSetup and is sent to terminal to be forwarded to host.
  • Property type of TransactionSetup is always overridden and set to Refund if Refund or RefundAsync is called.
  • Default currency fixed when using TransactionSetup
6 February 2024

Version 4.7.0

  • Documentation updated to reflect SDK release.
  • Text updated for TransactionSetup
  • Use case section, apm transaction, apm refund, cvm signtature and fuel card transaction and auto configuration of terminal IP in the POS.
.Net SDK 1.3.24025
  • RequestToDisplay and UpdateTerminal have now corrected results.
  • ReverseLast now automatically makes retries if the terminal responds busy.
  • OnTerminalAddressObtainedEventCallback now with correct access modifier to be able to access Ipv4 and Port properties.
.Net SDK 1.3.24016
  • CardAcquisitionReference is now a copy of POITransactionID. Earlier time was converted to local time and caused problem when an other timezone was used.
  • PaymentRequetsResult has now a lot of properties to make values easily available.
19 December 2023

Version 4.6.1

.Net SDK version 1.3.23348
  • CVM signature transaction works just the same for Client Only mode as for default Client and Server mode.
  • ConfirmationHandler callback is a must even for Client Only mode.
  • EventCallback for PrintRequestEventCallback is a must even for Client Only mode.
  • Code Examples updated.
.Net SDK Version 1.3
  • Extended interface with function RequestToPrint.
  • Extended TransactionSetup with a list of SaleItem to be used with fuel functionality.
  • ReceiptBlob and ReceiptBlobNoHeader has been shortened and compressed.
7 November 2023

Version 4.6.0

.Net SDK Version 1.2
  • SDK for .Net has extended its interface with new methods for GetPaymentInstrument, Payment and Refund for which an object with parameters is passed. This was made to be able set a transaction id from the sale system.
  • ReceiptBlobNoHeader has been added to PaymentRequestResult.