nexo Retailer

Swedbank Pay nexo Retailer v3.1

Use the nexo Retailer integration if you are unable to use .NET or Java SDK. This interface requires a greater effort for both users and Swedbank Pay.

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The interface is based on nexo Retailer version 3.1 and uses XML message formats over HTTP/TCP. For reference it may be a good idea to download the nexo specifications from, but the essentials will be described here. Keep in mind that nexo Retailer is a large protocol standard and we do not currently support every aspect of it.

  • nexo Sale to POI Protocol Specifications Version 3.1
  • nexo Sale to POI Transport Protocols v3.1

Download the full NIS V4.0 package to find the documents and schema files as well.


The terminals are communicating over IP LAN or WLAN and the intended style is that both the integrating party and the terminal implements a server and a client. There is however, a solution to let the sale system act as a client only.