Get Started

Test Account Setup

In this section we are going to guide you through setting up your test account and how to make an API request for your first test payment. After these steps, you’re ready to build your integration!

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Step 1: Sign Up For A Test Account

A test account gives you access to our unified dashboard for managing your account across different platforms. We call this dashboard the Merchant Portal.

Your test account request should be sent to: in order to create an account for you, we need some specific information from your side:

  • Company name: Your company name.

  • Email address: To a developer or the CTO.

  • Organization number: Your organization number.

Step 2: Wait For Response

Within 8 working hours we will have created your account and sent you an email containing the following information:

Merchant name: This represents your core business entity with us.

Payee ID: This is how we identify you.

Services: The payment options which are activated and ready for testing.

Login credentials: You will receive a temporary password in a separate email.


Please check your spam folder if you haven’t received this email.

Step 3: Get Your Access Tokens

To submit payments to us, you will be making API requests that are authenticated with an access token.

How to generate your access token:

Log in to: The External Integration Merchant Portal - For testing environment.

Merchant details: Here you will find information about your account.

An access token is necessary since it will be used together with Payee ID to validate transactions. The Payee ID will serve as the door and, your token is the key.

  • Navigate to “Access Tokens” at the top of the page.

  • Choose “Add” and name the token. We suggest you name it according to what environment it is created in.

  • Your token will only be fully visible upon creation. For security purposes, we will mask it like this: 12a3**********bc4de56f when it is displayed later. If you need to keep track of it, please copy and save it externally in a safe place. The token will not be visible unmasked in any of our systems, so a lost token must be replaced by a new one.


Please note that the production and staging environment need separate tokens.