Digital Payments


The status of a payment order.

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The status field indicates the payment order’s current status. Initialized is returned when the payment is created and still ongoing.

The request example above has this status. Paid is returned when the payer has completed the payment successfully. See the Paid section for further information.

Failed is returned when a payment has failed. You will find an error message in the failed section. Further information here. Cancelled is returned when an authorized amount has been fully cancelled. See the cancel feature section for further information.

Reversed is returned when the full amount of a sale transaction or a captured transaction has been reversed. The transaction will now have status Reversed instead of Paid. See the Reversed section for further information.

It will contain fields from both the cancelled description and paid section. Aborted is returned when the merchant has aborted the payment or if the payer cancelled the payment in the redirect integration (on the redirect page). See the Abort feature section for further information.